We Care Endowment gives hope to patients coping with a devastating diagnosis by offering spiritual and financial support.

Interested in Donating?

Contributions to the endowment will assist people of any faith facing the expenses of life-threatening and devastating illnesses with their out-of-pocket expenses.

Need Help?

The We Care Endowment was established to help local cancer patients and their families. Grant applications are reviewed as soon as they are received and and contact is made regarding the approved grant amount.

Larry believed that the We Care Endowment could help provide devastatingly ill patients with financial assistance to help them get to where they need to go to get the best treatment possible—as well as provide them with same kind of spiritual support that helped him and his family when he needed it most. Hear his story in his own words.

Meet the Zitek Family

The We Care Endowment fulfills Larry and Brenda Zitek’s desire to assist individuals and families who face life-threatening and devastating illnesses, and the significant—and sometimes extraordinary—out-of-pocket expenses that result from them.

Larry and Brenda Zitek and their daughter Stacia Zitek Heiser (left), and her children, Samantha and Hudson Heiser; son-in-law and daughter Christopher and Andrea Lee and their children, Charlotte and Henry.